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Derrick Ray Henagan was born on August 19, 1972. He was the father of two. 

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On August 4, 2008 a witness accounts, that Derrick was last seen walking into the bush across from a neighbor's house. He was reportedly planning on meeting a female friend at a prearranged location in the woods. When the female arrived at the location, Derrick was nowhere to be found. He has not been heard from or seen since.

At the time of his disappearance Derrick was 35 and living in a residence along North Manistique Lake Road, south of the village of McMillan and just west of East Lake. This is located in the Newberry area of the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Derrick was 6'1',170 lbs, of medium build with brown hair and brown eyes. He had a scar on lower right side of torso from an appendix surgery, a right thumb heavily scarred, only 3 fingers on right hand (index, middle,  and ring) from being severed and reattached. In addition, there may be a scar on "Rayce + Dy" tribal tattoo on upper left arm, 4-6" scar on shin but it is unknown which leg it is on. Derrick also has both ears and his left nipple pierced and a 5-6" wizard tattoo on left side of back. 

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The day that Derrick went missing he was wearing a black Monster T-shirt, with a green "M" that represents Monster Racing or the Monster energy drink, Nike© brand, basketball-style shorts, size 10-11, white, Skechers© gym shoes with Skechers© logo and Silver wedding-band-like ring. He was not carrying his wallet at the time he went missing.