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"Gypsy" Arthur Robert Harper (b. 1882) was a bank robber, serial rapist, mobster and serial killer.

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Two of the victims of Arthur Robert Harper.

  • 1899
    • Unspecified Date, Binghamton, New York
      • Harris Family (all survived)
        • Mother (Raped repeatedly in front of family)
        • Father (tied up, severely beaten)
        • Daughter (Also raped in front of the rest of the family)
        • Son (Beaten)
    • Unspecified Date, Binghamton, New York
      • Lakewood Family
        • Mother (raped and intended to kill; ultimately survived)
        • Son (strangled to death with tie)
  • 1900
    • Unspecified Date, St. Louis, Illinois
      • Unnamed Grocer (severely beaten during robbery)
  • 1918
    • Unspecified Dates, grand total of seventeen banks robbed, with the help of his gang.
  • 1921
    • Unspecified Date, Jackson Prison
      • Roman Kubiak (jumped in mess hall and fatally stabbed)
    • December 11th, Marquette Branch Prison (no survivors)
      • Warden T.B. Catlin (stabbed numerous times, died six weeks later in hospital)
      • Deputy Warden Menhennett (slashed open stomach and pierced heart with knife)
      • Arthur (slit throat and decapitated)
      • Charles Anderson (Stabbed in the groin and through the ear into brain)