The Paulding Light is a Will-o-wisp located in Paulding. The mysterious light has been there for centuries with no possible explanations. Today it serves as a major tourist attraction for the Upper Peninsula.

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Basic InformationEdit

The Paulding Light (also called the Lights of Paulding or the Dog Meadow Light) is a light that appears in a valley that lies outside of Paulding, Michigan. Reports of the light have appeared since the 1960s, with popular folklore providing such explanations as Ghosts, Geologic Activity, or Swamp Gas.

Past InvestigationsEdit

  • Michigan Tech students conducting a scientific investigation of the light in 2010 were able to see automobile headlights and tail lights when viewing the light through a telescope, and were able to recreate it by driving a car through a specific stretch of US Highway 45 (US 45).
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